Selasa, 10 Desember 2019

WFTU menyampaikan Duka cita dan solidaritas atas kecelakan kerja kebakaran pabrik tas di India yang mengakibatkan 43 orang meninggal dunia. WFTU menuntut kepada Pengusaha pabrik tas dan Pemerintah India untuk bertanggung jawab atas peristiwa kebakaran tersebut.


The World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of its 97 million workers, expresses its sincere condolences and solidarity to the working class of India which is mourning the killing of at least 43 workers in a new fatal labour accident.

The endless list of crimes against the working class is uninterrupted growing. This time the workers of a school-bags’ factory in New Delhi are murdered in their working installations that did not have a proper fire license and was operating illegally as a factory.

The laborers who were working in miserable unhealthy and dangerous conditions and are paid peanuts, were forced to sleep within their working place. The blaze broke out at the four-story building in the early hours of the morning were o lot of workers were sleeping.

We strongly condemn the murderous working conditions that prevail in uncounted working places and industrial facilities in India. The lack of adequate safety measures in the workplaces constitutes a conscious crime of the bourgeoisie which, with the blessing of the capitalist governments all over the world, kills thousands of workers for the sake of profit.

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and we demand the punishment of the responsible ones. The international class-oriented trade union movement demand and struggles for the implementation of adequate safety measures in all aspects of the workers’ lives.

The Secretariat

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