December 2019

Dear All workers and oppressed people in France,

Konfederasi KASBI, one of the progressive trade-union in Indonesia, expresses our solidarity and strong support for all workers and oppressed people in France who have been fighting in General Strike since 5 December 2019. We strongly believe this general strike will be glorious moment in the history of workers movement in France and in the world. We strongly believe that the braveness and militant movement of French workers against capitalism and neoliberalism will inspire workers all around the world.

The initiatives of trade unions, student unions and and oppressed people in France to call General Strike to escalate the fight against the Macron’s pension reform and the recent economic situation that place workers and majority of French population live in hardship reflectsstrong commitment of French workers movement to end the exploitation by capitalism. This strong commitment and unity of action will lead French working class to victory in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

In many aspects, situation in France also happened in Indonesia. From very beginning, Konfederasi KASBI has concluded that government of Indonesia with its neo-liberal agenda has failed to deliver prosperity and freedom for people. Furthermore, poverty and suppression has been deepening in Indonesia. This situation has been emerging as the government policy oriented to market and satisfy capitalist interest. We believe that same situation also happening in many countries. There will be no prosperity and freedom for people unless the workers alongside with other oppressed people continue their fight and struggle.

Long Live Solidarity!
Long Live Internationalism!

Jakarta, 15 December 2019

National Committee Confederation of Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance
(Konfederasi KASBI)


Chairperson General Secretary


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